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Two Orange County friends are changing lives for those with disabilities.They're benefiting from a gym for people in wheelchairs, thanks to a grant from Orlando Health.They're also spreading the word to others like them.C.J. Bellamy and David Kellam from Orlando were recently interviewed on The Today Show about how two friends in wheelchairs support each other.\"And being able to tell our story and spread awareness was great for us. Our story is pretty much never give up on yourself,\" Bellamy said.The two have known each other since middle school. They went on to play sports, and want to do it professionally.\"I was actually shot in 2006, just a drive-by shooting. I was out with my friends during Christmas,\" Bellamy said. Kellam suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident.They were reunited at the Orlando Rehab Health Center and then the South Orange Gym.Orlando Health developed a new program to train gym personnel to adapt workouts for those with spinal cord injuries, partnering with a gym and training their coaches on their specific needs.It also helps with health issues.\"A lot of people don't (know) the biggest cause of death of a person in a wheelchair is heart disease, we don't exercise as much,\" Kellam said. \"It's definitely made me stronger, like I can bench press 400 pounds.\"The friends said it's all about focusing on the positive.\"Don't focus on the things you can't do, but focus on things you can do. That one thing will always be your strength,\" Kellam said.The hope is that other gyms will also implement programs like this with coaches to help people with spinal chord injuries.





Grateful for our @socf_fitness team for all the hard work. Taking on the adaptive program has been life changing for our community. Thank you @orlandohealth and @ro_flo17 for believing in us to continue changing lives. This program is expanding to new local gyms and glad to be working along side Orlando Health. To more success and to new goals we are setting for this program next year. Grateful to receive FLORIDA HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION quality of service award. More coming soon!!


Functional Fitness is a combination of functional movements, Olympic movements, and gymnastics. The workouts are timed or scored, designed to improve athlete performance and health.

An Olympic program designed around the use of the barbell. In the program, the athlete works with percentages in order to attempt and increase a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell.

SOCF Fit Kids is a program that teaches children ages 7-12 different movements in order to keep them healthy and active. The program is based on the principle of mechanics, consistency, and intensity.

The Adaptive Program is inclusive and modifies Functional Fitness workouts so that they may be completed by the adaptive athlete. The workouts are designed to improve strength and the performance of the athlete in and out of the “box”.

Bootcamp classes are designed to give you a total body workout and improve your overall fitness level in the shortest time slot possible.

Yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy that began in India an estimated 5,000 years ago. The father of classical ashtanga yoga (the eight-limbed path, not to be confused with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois' Ashtanga yoga) is said to be Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga Sutra.

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